“Surveying the Pulse of Acadiana and
Engineering its Future Since 1957”


Established in 1957 as the first engineering firm in Lafayette, LA, Domingue Szabo and Associates has continuously been performing first-rate services for our clients ever since.



USL Offshore safety training

Marine Survival Training Center

An example of DSA’s diverse design and engineering capabilities is the UL Marine Survival Training Center, the second of its kind in the world.

Located on the grounds of the Lafayette Regional Airport, the center caters to offshore oil and gas companies around the world by providing safety training relating to marine environments.

Lft Sewage Trtmnt

Backwash Water Settling Tanks

When the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulated discharge of untreated backwash wastewater into public water streams, DSA went a step further by adopting tube settler technology to a new application.

The resulting backwash water is so clean it is not wasted, but rather recycled as usable water. This forward-thinking solution saves the city 55 million gallons of treated water per year.

Lft Pking Gar

Parc Auto du Centre Ville

Still in service after decades of use by the public, this facility provides several hundred parking spaces in our busy downtown. It was recently adapted to make use of mobile phone parking apps.

Airport Expertise

Key to a community’s economic development is its airport. DSA has continuously been designing improvements for the Lafayette Regional airport since 1961 and is on the team designing the latest terminal improvements.


about us

Domingue, Szabo & Associates was founded in 1957 by civil engineering professors teaching at what is presently the University of Louisiana. It was the first civil engineering firm established in the city of Lafayette.

For over 66 years, we have continued to play an instrumental role in the development of capital improvement projects not only for Lafayette but also surrounding communities. Domingue, Szabo & Associates provides diverse services to clients from both the public and private sector across the southeastern United States.

The mission of Domingue, Szabo & Associates is to provide a broad range of innovative and cost-effective engineering and land surveying services to our public and private clients with the goal of improving a community’s quality of life.

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